Friday, June 2, 2017

Electrical Safety Tip- Power Strips

Just a little information on power strips:

*Be sure not to overload power strips- even if you do not fill the power strip it can still be overloaded. Be sure to check the recommended load on each power strip.

*It seems like a no brainer, but do not put your power strip in a damp area such as an unfinished basement or crawl space.

*Do not use them outside. Use your outside outlets or have ones professionally installed. These are made for outdoor use and are the safest option.

*Be sure your power strip is never hot when you touch it. This is most likely a sign of an overload.

*Do not plug more than one power strip into an outlet in your home.

*Power strips are made for use with smaller items. Do not use them for microwaves, heaters, appliances, etc.

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